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New Feature! 20 Questions With ... Sara McCormack

MISENHEIMER, N.C. - The Stanly News & Press (the SNAP) will be running Q&A features on Pfeiffer athletes all year long. Their first installment in Pfeiffer’s 20 Questions With... features a senior on the Pfeiffer women’s soccer team. Charlotte native and former Central Cabarrus High School standout Sara McCormick is now on the clock in our new series of 20 Questions With ...

McCormick wears jersey #18 on the field for the Falcons and will be leading a Pfeiffer squad that is picked to finish in second place in 2010.

For the 20 questions used by the SNAP, click HERE ... more questions are listed below!

What’s your Favorite Area Restaurant? El Ranchito!   
What Do You Miss Back Home? Family and Friends
Like Home Games or Road Games Better? Why? Home games because it is a much more exciting experience
Favorite Class? Tennis
Best Thing About Pfeiffer?  It's a small community
Most Scenic Part of Pfeiffer? The beaches of Misenheimer ( the lake)
Do you eat M&Ms one at a time or by the handful?  one at a time
What's the best part of a cake ¬ cake, frosting or filling?  frosting
What sweet food could you never ever give up? Honey roasted peanuts
Name the ingredients of your ultimate sundae.  Sprinkles, hot fudge, caramel
Which bowl is best to lick - chocolate brownie batter, cake batter, raw cookie dough, something else? Raw cookie dough
What's your favorite flavor M&M - plain, peanut, almond, dark, peanut butter, pretzel?  peanut butter
What's your favorite sugary road food? scooby snacks
What's your favorite salty road food? peanuts
What's the best Halloween candy? jolly ranchers
How do you eat Oreos - lick center first, dunk in milk, no special way?  like a big girl, three at a time
Do you drink the milk left over from a bowl of cereal?  no
What's your favorite breakfast food? biscuits and gravy
What's the most outrageous thing you've ever eaten?  sushi. its gross.
What's your favorite way to eat a potato - French fries, home fries, baked, chips? hashbrowns!
What's your least favorite vegetable? collard greens
What is the ultimate winter sport? bobsledding
Who is the singer whose songs you own the most of?  kenny chesney
Where is the farthest place you've ever traveled?  europe with the soccer team last august
If you had to spend the rest of your life in another country, which one would it be? England
Who do you text the most? Suzie Hinman
Who is the last person you hugged? Alyssa Wombwell
Who is the smartest person you know? My father
Who encourages you the most? My family
What magical power you wish you had?  spidey senses
Name something make-believe you wish was real. Candyland
Do you need more shoes, think you need more shoes or have plenty of shoes? Need more for sure
What fashion item defines you? my white watch
If you had a band, what would you call it? and what would you play? the big girls, a little bit of everything
If you were king/queen, what would your crown be made of? Diamonds
If you were king/queen, what national holiday would you declare? Siblings Day
What's something you own that would surprise your friends? haha, a pair of timberlands
Name something you love the sound of. rain
Do you take the road less travelled or the one everyone else follows? less travelled
What's the worst pain you ever felt? losing my grandmother
How long do you stay mad when you are wronged - min, hrs, days, forever? minutes or hours
What do you do when you're mad? eat
When do you make your bed - morning, when told, never?  never
What two things do you want very badly at the moment? lunch and nap
Do you ever wear socks with holes in them? yes
What's under your bed? Any monsters? clothes and a fridge. no monsters
Are you afraid of public speaking?  yes, very.
Have you ever been hypnotized? no
Do you untie your sneakers before you take them off? no, i dont tie them before i wear them either
What concert or event would you like to have a backstage pass for? dave matthews band
Are you patient or impatient? depends on the situation
Which is most fun to pop - popcorn, bubble wrap or balloons? bubble wrap
Do you have awful, OK or great handwriting? great
Which magazine cover would you like to appear on? swim suit edition of Sports Illustrated. OK, only a joke. Im not real sure.
Do you have any nervous habits? chewing my nails
When are you at your best - morning, afternoon or late night? Afternoon
Are you street smart, book smart or a smart alec? all of the above
What game are you not good at? scrabble
Are you extroverted, introverted or somewhere in the middle? somewhere in the middle
What is your favorite holiday and why? thanksgiving because i get to see all my family and unlimited food
Do you read the directions before putting something together? no
What's the meanest thing you ever did as a kid? slammed my sisters head in the car door
Give yourself a secret agent name. Big girl
What do you crank up on the iPod before a game? pursuit of happiness
What reality show would you go on right now, no questions asked. Why? the real housewives of new jersey because those ladies are crazy and i love watching it
Favorite TV Show? The first 48
All-Time Favorite Movie? Remember the Titans
Favorite U.S. City to Visit? West Palm Beach, Florida
Favorite Vacation Spot? West Palm Beach, Florida
Favorite Place to Play on the Road? Queens but only because it is turf and a nice facility
Most Hated Place to Play on the Road? Belmont Abbey
What Three Words Would YOU use to Best Describe You? shy, loud, tall
What Three Words would your FRIENDS use to describe you? outgoing, sarcastic, funny
What's Something Most People Don't Know About You? i get nervous very easily
What is your pre-game superstition? What about your team? I have lucky underwear and a sports bra that I have to wear. The team doesnt really have one.
What’s your own season outlook for your team? We should be very successful

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