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Pfeiffer's 20 Questions With ... Volleyball Libero Kaci Markham

Courtesy of Charles Curcio at the SNAP.

ALBEMARLE, N.C. - Thursday, September 16, 2010 — This installment in Pfeiffer’s 20 Questions With... features Kaci Markham, a junior libero on the Pfeiffer women’s volleyball team from Asheboro. The former Asheboro Blue Comet led the Falcons last season in digs with 361 and had 32 aces last year as well.

To see Kaci's 20 Featured Questions by the SNAP, click HERE. All questions asked are posted below.

What’s your Favorite Area Restaurant? -Mazatlan
What Do You Miss Back Home? -Moms cooking
Like Home Games or Road Games Better? Why? -Home because all the good fans!
Favorite Class? -Painting
Best Thing About Pfeiffer? -Playing volleyball
Do you eat M&Ms one at a time or by the handful? -One at a time
What's the best part of a cake - cake, frosting or filling? -Frosting!!
What sweet food could you never ever give up? -My grandmaws home-made cakes
Name the ingredients of your ultimate sundae. -vanilla, chocolate ice-cream, lots of sprinkles, whipped cream and caramel
Which bowl is best to lick - chocolate brownie batter, cake batter, raw cookie dough, something else? -Cake Batter
What's your favorite flavor M&M - plain, peanut, almond, dark, peanut butter, pretzel? -Pretzel :)
What's your favorite sugary road food? -Gummi Worms
What's your favorite salty road food?
-Lays potato chips
What's the best Halloween candy? -Milky Ways
How do you eat Oreos - lick center first, dunk in milk, no special way?
-Take them apart and eat the plain one first then the one with frosting last.
Do you drink the milk left over from a bowl of cereal? -No
What's your favorite breakfast food? -French toast sticks
What's the most outrageous thing you've ever eaten?
-Frog legs
What's your favorite way to eat a potato - French fries, home fries, baked, chips? -French fries
What is the ultimate winter sport? -Snowboarding
Where is the farthest place you've ever traveled? -Jamaica
If you had to spend the rest of your life in another country, which one would it be? -France
Who do you text the most? -Friends
Who is the last person you hugged? Friend
Who encourages you the most? -My mom and dad
What magical power you wish you had? -Become invisible
Name something make-believe you wish was real. -SANTA!
Do you need more shoes, think you need more shoes or have plenty of shoes? -Have too many but could always use more :)
What fashion item defines you? -Shoes and/or accessories
Do you take the road less travelled or the one everyone else follows? -Road less travelled for sure
What's the worst pain you ever felt? -Thankfully never felt true pain
How long do you stay mad when you are wronged - min, hrs, days, forever? -Minutes
What do you do when you're mad? -Listen to music
When do you make your bed - morning, when told, never? -Usually mornings.
What two things do you want very badly at the moment? -Money and a championship ring this year!
Do you ever wear socks with holes in them? Yes
What's under your bed? Any monsters? No monsters under my bed.
Are you afraid of public speaking? Very afraid of public speaking..unless its on something i can talk forever about.
Have you ever been hypnotized? No thank goodness
Do you untie your sneakers before you take them off? I do unless im in a hurry.
Are you patient or impatient? Very patient
Which is most fun to pop - popcorn, bubble wrap or balloons? Bubble wrap!
Do you have awful, OK or great handwriting? Pretty good handwriting.
Which magazine cover would you like to appear on? Elle
Do you have any nervous habits? I get really nervous before games and have to move around to keep me from getting too nervous.
When are you at your best - morning, afternoon or late night? afternoon and late night...not an early morning person
What is your favorite holiday and why? Probably thanksgiving because the food.
Do you read the directions before putting something together? No i just try to figure out as i go.
What's the meanest thing you ever did as a kid? I pulled my little sister back in her high chair when we were really little and she had to get stitches from hitting her head on a bookshelf.
What do you crank up on the iPod before a game? -remixes of songs..gets me pumped
Favorite TV Show?
-right now...Jersey Shore
All-Time Favorite Movie? Finding Nemo
Favorite U.S. City to Visit? NY
Favorite Vacation Spot? Somewhere tropical
What Three Words Would YOU use to Best Describe You? Sweet, Dependable, Generous
What Three Words would your FRIENDS use to describe you? Random, Fun and Artistic
What's Something Most People Don't Know About You? I have always wanted to do interior design and i'd also love to travel and learn different cultures and language.
What is your pre-game superstition? What about your team? I always get ready an hour or so before i have to be at the gym and listen to music to get myself pumped. Its something i do every game.
What’s your own season outlook for your team? Our team is young but very very talented! We're gonna show that talent this season and come out with an even better record than before! Come Support!

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