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BLOG: Candy Contemplations - By Coach "Dub"

Well dang, no Snickers bar for me. Going into Wednesday’s matchup versus Barton, I had made a deal with senior guard Shelley Reese that I would eat a Snickers candy bar after a victory.

See, I have been making an effort to go back to my healthier eating habits that tended to escape me after using my office as a storage area for our leftover concession stand candy and snacks.  I have never been a big snacker or candy fan, but if I am staring at a box of assorted delectable Nestle goodies for hours upon hours a day, something’s got to give.

So after devouring way too many treats (as the girls were kind enough to keep a ongoing tally for me), I had made a vow to hold strong and stop the madness.
After doing quite well and being proud of myself, Shelley has continued to attempt to sabotage my efforts for some reason.  She enjoys seeing the anguish on my face as she parades around with food, asking time and time again if I would like some.

I’m not sure how long she has been toting around the fateful Snickers Almond Bar that would set me off on the wrong track once again, but I really wanted it to disappear.  In an effort to make that happen, I had agreed to finally eat it following the Barton game, but only with a victory.

After an excruciatingly sluggish first half, we found ourselves miraculously only down nine.  Within the first few minutes after the break, we were able to tie it up and eventually gain the lead, but couldn’t pull it off.  It is always tough losing the games you are completely capable of winning.

So, the Snickers continues to lurk in Shelley’s book bag.  The things I am willing to “sacrifice” for a win…

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