DIII Q & A with Faculty Athletics Representative Ross Braymer

DIII Q & A with Faculty Athletics Representative Ross Braymer

Faculty Athletics Representative Ross Braymer recently sat down to answer some questions about the upcoming move to Division III.


What are the benefits of Division III for our student-athletes?


I think one of the biggest benefits that the student-athletes will enjoy is simply how much more free time they will have.  In Division III, the playing season and the practice season are substantially shorter than in Division II. 


How does the faculty feel about our move to Division III?


I think the faculty is pretty excited about the transition.  In Division III, there is a clear emphasis on minimizing the conflicts that occur between athletics and academics.  Also, without the possibility of athletic funding, student-athletes tend to be a lot more driven towards high academic standing in order to get merit-based aid.


What additional opportunities does this open for our student-athletes?


In the past, even in the offseason, it has been difficult for student-athletes to schedule things like internships.  I would hear from so many individuals who knew they would probably benefit from the experience, but just could not fit it into their schedule due to offseason practices and other athletic commitments.  With the Division III restrictions on what coaches can do during the offseason, a lot of those types of opportunities should become available to everyone. Also, I am hoping intramural sports really get a boost from this transition.  It is common on many Division III campuses for the student athletes to play sports other than their own on intramural teams during their offseason.