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Athletic Communication Staff Members

Jeremy Zalacca
Director of Athletic Communications
Sport Contacts - WSOC, MBB, MLAX, WLAX, SB, M/W GOLF

SID Downloads

  Word Roster Stat Crew Roster
Men's Soccer 2017 Roster  2017 Roster
Women's Soccer 2017 Roster  2017 Roster
Volleyball 2017 Roster  2017 Roster
M/W Cross Country 2017 Roster  N/A
Women's Swimming    N/A
Men's Golf   2017 Roster
Women's Golf   2017 Roster
Men's Basketball 2017-18 Roster  2017-18 Roster
Women's Basketball 2017-18 Roster 2017-18 Roster 
Baseball 2018 Roster

2018 Roster (TRO)

2018 Roster (TRX)

Softball 2018 Roster 2018 Roster (TRO)
2018 Roster (TRX)
Men's Lacrosse 2018 Roster  2018 Roster 
Women's Lacrosse 2018 Roster  2018 Roster
Men's Tennis   2017-18 Roster
Women's Tennis   2017-18 Roster

Pfeiffer University - Name Usage

For game stories and news items, please use Pfeiffer. Do not use the abbreviation “PU” if an abbreviation is needed, please use “PfU”.

Pfeiffer’s nickname is "Falcons" for all sports teams. Do not use "Lady Falcons" for any female athletic team.

Any interviews with coaches or student-athletes must be coordinated by the Director of Athletic Communications.

Practices are open to the media unless stated otherwise but require advanced notice. Coaches/administrators reserve the right to close any practice.

Game Day Coverage
Contact the Director of Athletic Communications to request credentials, which will be made available at the ticket counter on the day of the game. Pre-game interviews with student-athletes and coaches are not permitted. Post-game interviews must be coordinated with the SID at the contest.

Photographers are only allowed in certain areas of the field/court and must follow the rules outlined by the game management and athletic communication departments. Only credentialed photographers will be allowed on field/court level.

Press Box/Press Row
Only professional behavior is accepted in the press box/press row areas. Any request to cover the game must be made 48 hours in advance and a spot will be reserved with directions on internet connection. Any post-game requests may be done through the Director of Athletic Communications.

Internet Access
Wireless internet is available for all Pfeiffer athletic home events.

Any visiting or local radio broadcast request must be made up to 72 hours prior to the contest.

Please address any requests for interviews, credentials or questions to Jeremy Zalacca, Director of Athletic Communications at 704-463-3192 or